All You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup Therapy

The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Makeup

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Are you fed up with daily makeup which can be time-consuming?
Have to be constantly gorgeous, red pouty lips? For you, permanent makeup is the best option.
The common practice of micro-pigmentation is used to intensify the pigment or color of the lips, eyes, and eyebrows as well as to simulate lip or eyeliner. This technique may be right for you if you’re sick of applying and removing makeup every day, or if you’re weary of constantly having to fill in your brows or line your eyes. It has been around for a long time, but recently it has become very popular due to the selfie craze and thicker brow trend.
Why do people prefer micro pigmentation?

Even if the decision is largely personal, these are some typical motives:

●       Wishing to shape and thicken sparse brows.

●       Getting sick of constantly having to put on and take off makeup and longing for something a little more permanent in that regard.

●    To make pink and brighten dark, pigmented lips.

●    To use eyeliner to brighten eyes that are dull.

●    To assist people with hypothyroidism in coping with brow loss.

●    To cover up white spots or minor scars on the body.

●    Provide the appearance of thicker hair along the hair transplant by making the scalp darker.

What areas can be treated?

●    Accentuating your eyes

●    Facial or body scars

●    Eyebrows

●    Permanent makeup lips

●    Vitiligo patches

The procedure of micro pigmentation:

Depending on the area and the treatment, getting your eyebrows, lips, body scars, acne scar, breast, vitiligo patches, and nipple might take anywhere from an hour to two.

Your tattoo artist should sketch out the design before starting the procedure so you know precisely what to anticipate. You two can adjust it to fit your individual preferences.

Is it safe for pregnant, living with diabetes, or nursing?

If you have diabetes, are nursing a baby, are pregnant, or have any other major immune-compromising diseases, permanent makeup may not be recommended for you.

Before making an appointment, ask the experienced plastic surgeons about the micro-pigmentation process if you have any questions.

Does it work on Oily skin?

You might not be a good candidate for micro pigmentation if you have oily skin. The pigment may spread out when applied and fade more quickly due to the oil in your skin. Micro-pigmentation might be a preferable alternative if you have oily skin and are determined to have your brows done.

In micro pigmentation, tiny pinprick-sized dots are used to fill in the brows instead of making tiny, hair-like strokes with a blade. Before making the decision, check with a dermatologist and a permanent makeup artist if you’re unsure of what’s best for you.

What are the results that may be expected?

Permanent cosmetics are unmistakably not the penciled-in appearance of yesteryear, for those who were alive when tattooed brows were popular decades ago. Today, a talented expert can produce incredibly natural-looking results, ones that don’t appear as though you penciled in your brows with a fine-point Sharpie.

Nevertheless, the professional and treatment you select will have a significant impact on the results, so carefully consider all of your possibilities. We also offer scar removal surgery by our treatment doctors at Ci Plastic Surgery Clinic, which we recommend as the best solution for you.

Benefits of getting permanent makeup

Below are some of the benefits of getting permanent makeup:

1. Free from applying makeup daily

Reapplying makeup after each activity is the most annoying thing in the world. This is accurate for those who have hectic lives and want to look their best for sporting events (such as tennis, swimming, hiking, biking, or aerobics) but don’t have the time or want to spend the day and night applying and replenishing their makeup.

Many women and men believe permanent makeup to be the most cost-effective for saving time and money, citing convenience above all else. People who are active will tell you that permanent makeup is a fantastic choice.

Permanent makeup has a long shelf life. You might never have to buy pencils and liners again with frequent touch-ups! It’s a guarantee that, with little to no work, you can look stunning when you wake up every morning.

2. No more allergies for beauty products

People who can’t use conventional cosmetics due to allergies or skin sensitivities can benefit greatly from micropigmentation (also known as permanent makeup). No more persistent redness and watering of the eyes when using conventional eyeliner products. Most of the time, traditional makeup does not include the same allergies as the dye used in micropigmentation.

3. Great choice for aged people

Acknowledge that applying makeup is more difficult as you age. Alternatively, your arms can be getting shorter. No matter how close or how distant you are from the mirror, it always seems to be difficult to put that liner on straight.

Permanent makeup is a lifesaver if you have a shaky hand or have trouble holding makeup brushes due to a muscular condition (Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis).

4. Symmetry Created

Permanent cosmetics can change the form of your brows, eyelids, or lips if they are irregular. Permanent makeup eyebrows are a realistic technique for those with alopecia or whose hair has been damaged by chemotherapy to improve and enhance their natural characteristics and detract from flaws.

5. Lay out your natural features

As we age, our lips become thinner, lose their definition, and lose their natural color. As a result, they essentially blend into our faces. It is also challenging to prevent lipstick from caking or seeping onto the skin beyond the vermillion border due to the increase in vertical lines. Unfinished appearance!

Because of this, permanent makeup is a wonderful option for folks who want a typical appearance that requires no work and highlights their natural characteristics. Permanent makeup can be put over ordinary makeup for a more dramatic look and often goes undetected to enhance natural attractiveness. This makes it a fantastic choice for ladies who like a natural makeup appearance for everyday wear but also value the adaptability of conventional, non-permanent makeup products.

6. Builds self-confidence

You may improve upon who you are. We’re talking to you if you’ve ever told yourself in the mirror that your eyebrows are a terrible disaster because they are overplucked, thinning, nonexistent, or unsymmetrical.

By investing in permanent cosmetics, you may probably increase your confidence more than anything else. Permanent makeup, in contrast to conventional makeup, merely enhances your appearance. It’ll make you feel more lovely!

7. Reduced spending on expensive cosmetic products

You can save paying for pricey cosmetics by having your lips, eyebrows, or eyeliner micro pigmentation. The cost of permanent makeup is significantly less than the price of conventional makeup items. You don’t need to buy the newest pencils, gels, and brushes if your eyebrows are flawless all the time. Your overall savings increase if you also get your lips or eyeliner done.

As you can see, getting permanent makeup has a lot of natural advantages. It’s critical to keep in mind that applying permanent makeup requires ability, depending on which advantages influence your choices. You should choose qualified and knowledgeable permanent makeup specialists, such as those from Ci Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey.

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