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BBL operation, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, can give you, your dream body. In the last decade, BBL gained more reputation than ever. With this reputation, it also raised some questions in minds. One of these questions is that whether it is permanent or not. Let’s try to clear the air a bit and find the answers.

The BBL operation changes the shape of your buttocks permanently in a positive way. You should keep in mind that since it is not an implant but a self-fat injection, some of the injected fat will be absorbed by your body. Depending on the patient, only about %60 to %70 of the injected fat will survive, and the rest will be absorbed. However, you have nothing to worry about because it is completely normal, and since your doctor will know that not all the fat will survive, so will do over-injection. Everything will be stabilized in three to six months. Hence you can see the actual results then.

As we mentioned, since the operation is based on injecting your own excess fat into your buttocks, the permanence of these fats depends on you. Therefore, we can say that the BBL operation is a semi-permanent operation. Semi-permanent means that, with time, your buttocks will change due to some factors. The results of the BBL can also change due to your gaining or losing weight, diet, and exercise. Furthermore, the recovery period of the BBL is also very important. If you follow the instructions that your doctor gives you, you can achieve more successful results. It cannot be determined for how long the BBL results will survive. It is all up to how well you take care of yourself.

BBL operation can give you your dream body if it is done right and if you also be careful enough to follow all the instructions and a healthy lifestyle. For perfect results, contact Turkey Clinic experts now for a free consultation.


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