Brown lipsticks look so pretty on Indian skintones. I am so glad the colour is back. ? The great thing about nudish brownish colours is that you can pull them off with most of your clothes. Especially winters is about wearing warm rick colours. Pull off those browns with smokey eyes, earthy bronzers, or peachy pink blushes. My favourite look with browns is loads of mascara and kajal, gold blush to highlight and a bronzer to contour my cheeks. Although matte is in, I prefer glossy lips. So a clear gloss to top off my tawny lips.

Products that I would use to create the look:

Lakme Lip Chrome in Shade 501 / Lakme’s Bridal Sutra Shade 126 topped up with clear gloss (love love it! )
Lakme Kajal
Color Bar Just Earth Blush
ColorBar’s Duo Masacara
Which shade of brown have you bought for yourself? How would you use browns in your makeup routine?

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