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Lee Jacobs owns a men’s skin care line, but when it comes to women’s beauty, he has a theory: Women’s shave gels and creams have been pretty much stagnant in the innovation department over the past decade.

“My wife came to me and mentioned that she couldn’t find a product that truly eliminated shaving irritation and razor bumps BEFORE they happened, so I challenged her to develop something with the help of one of my formulators.”

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As fate would have it, she did, word-of-mouth spread via social media, and the husband-and-wife-duo tested their new product—Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup —by selling it on Amazon.

“I lost the bet,” Jacobs jokes.

All kidding aside, the Jacobs say the product has grown very quickly and sales are skyrocketing (it currently has a five-star, perfect rating on Amazon!), so much so that QVC signed up to feature the item a few months ago.

So what makes it so different? Unlike traditional shave creams and gels, as the name implies, the Shave Syrup has a thick, amber, super concentrated liquid consistency that’s almost like maple syrup (it shares a similar sweet scent).

There’s no air, no harsh chemicals and the ingredient deck has a mix of antioxidants and botanicals that were specifically selected for their nourishing properties.

All sounds good, but when I tested it on my incredibly sensitive skin that’s almost always sporting razor bumps, it literally glided over my legs and left them so smooth and hydrated and soft to the touch. It doesn’t clog the razor in the least like some really moisturizing shave products do, you don’t need post-shower lotion, and there’s no redness, itchiness or ingrown hairs left behind.

And the main takeaway: Those Amazon stars are to be trusted.


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