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How much does breast reduction surgery cost in India? | Average 1 Lac

Breast reduction surgery in India typically costs 100000 on average. The total cost varies from location and hospital basis. Breast reduction is a tricky treatment that takes a lot of effort. Because of this, the operation appears to be a little pricey.

Most women with large breasts undergo this surgery. The success rate is also impressive.

To ensure transparency, plastic surgeons frequently provide a precise calculation of the cost of breast reduction surgery.

What does the overall cost structure of breast reduction in India look like?

The cost of breast reduction varies based on your location. Additionally, prices differ among surgeons and hospitals. Generally speaking, plastic surgeons can set their fees based on local client demand—whatever they can spend. It also can depend on their degree of training, years of experience, and ability to apply advanced skills.

However, the total cost may include:

  • Doctor’s fee
  • Hospital staying charges
  • Diagnosis fee
  • Anaesthesia fee
  • T. and I.C.U. charges
  • Prescription and medication charges
  • Special garments (post-surgery) charges

Depending on several circumstances, the surgery cost and other expenses may differ.

What are the factors that affect breast reduction costs in India?

Several factors may affect breast reduction costs which include:

How much you want to reduce

The price varies from patient to patient based on how much they want to reduce the size. How many tissues your surgeon decides to remove from your breasts is directly proportional to the cost. Therefore, the surgery gets more expensive when the number of tissues increases. If you have large breasts with no sagging, your surgery seems simple and costs you less.

Which hospital you want to choose

You know that every hospital has its own distinct charging system. So, this factor also affects the surgical cost. The better facilities, the more charges you have to bear.

Which technique suits you

There are various techniques that plastic surgeons use to accomplish breast reduction surgery. And the price for each method varies from one another. The doctor selects the best procedure but not you.

Apart from these factors, another is that every doctor charges a different amount. It also affects the total cost structure of breast reduction.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost in India? You get a brief idea from this post. Although the price range lies between 60,000 and 2.5 lacs, you should always ask your doctor for a detailed estimation. Make sure you get information on everything you have in your mind, even about your health insurance coverage.


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