Cheekbone Filler Surgery Cost in Turkey, Cheekbone Filler Surgery Price in Istanbul

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Cheekbone Filler Surgery Cost in Turkey, Cheekbone Filler Surgery Price in Istanbul

Cheekbone is the most prominent area of the cheek. While the prominence of this area provides a youthful appearance, the loss of volume in this area gives the face a tired expression.

For this reason, the number of patients who want to have a filler on the cheekbone is increasing day by day.

Why is there a need for filler on the cheekbone?

During childhood and adolescence, the amount of tissue on the cheekbone is high, and this gives youth and freshness to the human face.

With the effect of aging and gravity, the soft tissues in this area begin to sag down. This sagging causes both a decrease in the volume in the cheekbone area and a deepening of the line in the nasolabial area.

Is there any difference between the filler made on the cheekbone and the other parts of the face?

Fillers made on the cheekbone contain hyaluronic acid like the cheekbone filler made on other parts of the face.

The difference of the filler made in this area from other regions is that it is applied on the bone. For this reason, fillers made in this area should have a volumizing effect with a larger molecular volume.

How much should be the amount of filler to be applied on the cheekbone?
Although it varies from patient to patient, 1-2 cc of filler is usually sufficient for the cheekbone.

What should be considered when applying filler on the cheekbone?
The cheekbone is a medium-sized bone between the facial bones, and the most prominent area is at the outermost part of the bone. When filler this area, it is recommended to fill at least 3 points. These points are lined up from the edge of the eye to the under eye.

While the maximum amount of filler is applied on the point around the eye, the injection continues by decreasing the amount of filler in the midline. The point to be careful here is to make the filler injection on the bone.

What other fillers can be used with cheekbone filler on the face?
Cheekbone filler can be done together with the fillers to be made in the under-eye area in terms of its anatomical proximity.

When filler is applied on both the under-eye area and on the cheekbone, the transition between the under-eye area and the cheek area is better.

This way, when we make the cheekbone prominent with filler while the under-eye bags are bumped, the cheek under-eye transition becomes aesthetically smoother.

The other area where cheekbone filler can be applied together is the nasolabial area. The cheek area is lifted upwards with the filler applied on the cheekbone. This way, the depth of the lines in the nasolabial area can be reduced. Thus, less filler is needed in the nasolabial area.

What are the options other than filler to highlight the cheekbone?
There are two other options besides filler to make the cheekbone prominent. These are fat injection and implants.

Cheekbone implant is an operation performed under general anesthesia by entering through the lower eyelid or mouth. Fat injections on the cheekbone gain a permanent volume after at least 2 sessions of injections.

Cheekbone Filler Prices 
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