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General Information About Cihantimur Fat Transfer

We have fat cells located everywhere on the body—but not always where it’s wanted for beautiful curves and contours.

Fat transfer appeals to a wide audience, as the surgery itself is minimally invasive, and the procedure is versatile—it can be used to fill in lost volume in the face, enhance the size and shape the buttocks, or smooth out depressions in the stomach or breasts caused by trauma or previous surgery.

Common sites that are used to harvest the fat include the abdomen, thighs, and hips—they are considered “problem areas” for many people and often have plentiful pockets of fat. By harvesting from these areas, problem areas are diminished, and contour is improved

With Cihantimur’s patented and award winning fat transfer system, the fat tissue is harvested, purified and enriched with stem cells and transferred to the desired area in a closed system. The viability of the transferred fat cells with this patented and awarded method is much better compared to other fat transfer methods.


• Higher viability rate of the collected cells
• Closed system (no contamination)
• Concentrated young and healthy adipocytes and stem cells
• Short transfer time (in 30 minutes)
• All advantages of the stem cells
• Fast recovery
• Permanence

What is Cihantimur Fat Transfer System?

When we think of fat, we often think of areas of the body where we’d like to reduce it. But body fat serves an important purpose. It stores excess calories until needed and releases hormones that control our metabolism. Fat contains a significant number of stem cells, the largest of any tissue in the body. These are similar to stem cells found in the bone marrow, but are easier—and less painful—to obtain.

The Cihantimur Fat transfer works by “borrowing” fat from one part of the body and moving it to another. Liposuction is used to remove fat from any area of the body where there is an undesired amount of fat. Commonly, patients request that fat be removed from the abdomen, flanks and thighs, but any area can be a donor site.

The Cihantimur Fat transfer is different from regular fat transfer applications. With traditional fat transfers, fat is removed from the harvest site and degraded with a centrifuge, unfortunately many tissues die during this process. To compensate for the dead tissues,more fat is injected to increase the rate of the viable tissues.

As a result, undesired swelling occurs in the receiving area. Dead tissue is rapidly discharged from the body and patient returns to his/her previous state in an average of 2-3 months, which results with undesired patient dissatisfaction and complaint that the application was not successfull.

With Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique, closed lipokit system is used, which prevents the collected fat contacting with air therefore we do not lose any stem cells.

“Because stem cells are the source of life, the idea of a miracle cure and bodies healing themselves holds a particular fascination. Stem cells are special human cells that have the ability to develop into many different cell types, from muscle cells to brain cells. In some cases, they also have the ability to repair damaged tissues. This is a key component that is going to be used in the further periods of aesthetic surgery. It has maintenance features on the area where the stem cells are transferred. There are many different potentials and very unique. For example, when we apply the stem cell enriched fat transfer to your face, stem cells will accelerate the recovery process, correct your skin color and start renewing the transferred area. Since they are viable and exist in the fat tissue it provides amazing results at the area they are transferred and a lifelong comfort to the patient.” Doctor B 

What makes Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique inuque?

We get many positive feedbacks from patients, who are happy with the results of the fat transfer performed by using Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique, developed by Doctor B.

Cihantimur Fat Transfer does not let viable tissue to waste.  %100 viable tissue with stem cells are removed from the harvest site, processed and transferred  to receiving area with Doctor B’s  revolutionary patented and award winning, Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique.

Fat tissue instantly adapts to the transferred area, it instantly gives a refreshed, wrinkle free look when applied to face and achives curves and contours at the desired area of your body. Almost all of the stem cells remain viable, and they continue their lives without destroying the structure of normal cells.

Who can get Cihantimur Fat Transfer System?Who is a good candidate for Cihantimur Fat Transfer System?

Fat transfer appeals to a wide audience, as the surgery itself is minimally invasive, and the procedure is versatile—it can be used to fill in lost volume in the face, enhance the size and shape the buttocks, or smooth out depressions in the stomach or breasts caused by trauma or previous surgery. Cihantimur Fat Transfer can be performed on anyone who desires a natural look and it can be used in many areas including facial wrinkles, loss of form, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, contour editing, leg surgery, Brazilian butt surgery, vaginal aesthetics.

Examination and Consultation 

Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Regional harvest areas, required receiving areas and quality and existing fat tissues are examined. During your consultation Doctor B answers all your questions, and listens and understands your expectations and makes the planning based on your desires regarding the size and shape. After your measurement and evaluation, your photographs are taken for medical archive.

During Cihantimur Fat Transfer.

Doctor B performs autologous fat transplantation. The size of the devices, syringes, capsules and cannulas used during this process is developed specially for this technique. The fat tissue we work on is very fragile, If the cannulas or syringe to be used during the fat removal is too narrow, the stem cells cannot be collected successfully. If it is too thick or long, stem cells die because of air, capsules where fat is collected should be airproof. Even the centrifuge device which separates the blood from stem cell is very important. If the device performs the separation process very fast or for a very long time, the stem cells will die. These details are vital, and most common mistakes made during classic fat injections. Fat transfers performed without paying attention to these vital steps and details are set to be unsuccessful.

With Cihantimur Fat Transfer, all the stages, devices, sensitivity settings, protection from the air are detailed with careful calculations. This system developed by Doctor B, protects and preserves this miraculous stem cells and keeps them alive to perform the transfer. Doctor B successfully completes these stages and injects the viable stem cells to the desired area. Also, since the tissue comes from the patient’s own body, there isn’t any risk of contamination, allergic reaction, autoimmune disease or tissue rejection.

After Cihantimur Fat Transfer System

The recovery period varies depending on how many areas it is transfered to. Fat cells removed and transferred from micro openings without incision therefore it provides a huge comfort and recovery period is shorter.


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