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CoolSculpting reduces excess fat on various areas of the body by freezing it. This process is called cryolipolysis. The fat cells are destroyed by freezing temperatures, but the surface of your skin and the surrounding tissues are left unaffected. Once destroyed, the fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated by your body over the course of a few months.

CoolSculpting is an innovative fat reduction device, but does it really work? Several studies and our own patients’ satisfaction rates tell us it does work! We have seen numerous patients with stubborn, persistent fat finally find effective fat reduction with CoolSculpting. While it is not a replacement for diet and weight loss, this treatment does fine tune the shape of your body by reducing excess fat cells.

A study from 2009 found that fat was reduced in the treatment area by more than 25 percent at 6 months after an initial cryolipolysis treatment. Another study showed that cryolipolysis results were still satisfactory 9 years later.

How do you know if it will work for you?

Despite what any studies say, you definitely want to make sure that CoolSculpting will meet your expectations. Generally, you are probably a great candidate for CoolSculpting if:

  • You have excess fat deposits on various areas of the body
  • This extra fat appears on the abdomen, back, flanks, hips, butt, chin, thighs, or upper arms
  • You have reasonable expectations for what the procedure can and cannot achieve
  • You are at or near your ideal weight
  • You’re committed to maintaining a stable body weight after CoolSculpting to preserve your results

While CoolSculpting cannot lead to significant weight loss or change the fundamental shape of your body, it is a great way to reduce excess fat in certain areas. The best way to discuss how it will affect your look is to meet with Dr. Michael Chiaramonte in a one-on-one consultation.


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