Dairy Advice During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You might have heard the age-old myth that dairy triggers excess phlegm production and, thus, should be avoided when you’re sick. But old wives’ tales aside, experts recommend it—even if you have COVID-19. Yogurt is a good starting place, Amidor said: “Yogurt is one of my top foods to boost immunity because it contains live, active cultures that act as probiotics.” She added that some probiotic strains have been linked to boosted immunity and healthy digestive systems.

Since yogurt and yogurt-based foods like smoothies and shakes typically have mild flavor and a cooling texture, you’re likely to tolerate them well while ill.

But if yogurt isn’t your go-to, milk can help support a healthy immune system as well. “One cup of milk provides 13 essential nutrients, including vitamins A and D, protein, selenium, and zinc, all of which are important to normal immune function,” Amidor said.

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