Dimpleplasty Procedure, Recovery, Cost , Price , Treatment and More

Selfies are now more beautiful if in the center they have a beautiful smile equipped with dimples …

The dimples are a sign of sympathy and goodness of mind, at least this is the impression they generate at first glance. They are the protagonists of a smile that is a combination of sincerity and shyness. In many cultures, they are considered as a symbol of beauty, and even a good luck charm. So, an inevitable consequence, everyone wants them… We have good news for you: Dimple Cheek Dimpleplasty is now!

It is important to contact a specialized and experienced plastic surgeon despite being a relatively simple operation to perform and not very invasive for the patient. Once you have found an experienced surgeon, make a first appointment with them. Next, by analyzing your face, the doctor will mark where to place the dimples.

Your doctor then uses a small biopsy instrument to make a hole in your skin to manually create a dimple. A small amount of muscle and fat is removed to aid in this creation. The area is about 2 to 3 millimeters in length.

Once your doctor creates the space for the future dimple, they then position a suture (sling) from one side of the cheek muscle to the other. The sling is then tied to set the dimple permanently in place. The operation is minimally invasive, lasting about 30 minutes, and is performed under local anesthesia. With an experienced surgeon, patients are unlikely to experience complications and no hospitalization is foreseen. You can return to your daily activities within a couple of days.

Most people who have surgery have a positive experience. But before opting for this type of surgery, you’ll need to accept that the outcome is permanent, whether you like the results or not.  This seemingly simple surgery still requires a lot of thoughtful consideration before you choose to do it.

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