Foods to Avoid During The COVID-19 Pandemic

What to Eat When You Can't Smell or Taste

In general, processed and high-sugar foods like fast food, fried food, soda, and sweets promote inflammation in the body, making it harder for your system to fight off sickness. To feel your best, steer clear of foods in these categories.

You’ll also want to watch your alcohol intake as your body works to recover from COVID-19. “Consuming too much alcohol can compromise your immune system, making it harder for it to defend your body against foreign invaders,” Amidor said. “In addition, alcohol can trigger inflammation in the gut and have a negative impact on the good bacteria living in there that keep your immune system healthy.”

What to Eat When You Can’t Smell or Taste

Some COVID-19 infections cause the loss of taste and smell, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This interference with your senses can be a barrier to eating well (or eating at all). “If you don’t have a sense of taste or smell, it is easy to just not eat, especially if you are not feeling well,” Reisdorf said. “But if you don’t eat, you won’t feel better.”

When lack of smell and taste make food unappealing, Reisdorf recommended eating whatever you can. Finding what works for you may simply take some trial and error.

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