Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Price Procedure Review

The goal of Gynecomastia Surgery is to reshape the male chest, reducing the hypertrophic mammary gland or excess pectoral fat and resolving relaxation and asymmetry. With this intervention, it is possible to restore a more virile and masculine appearance to the pectorals and breasts with important psychological benefits for the patient.

Gynecomastia Surgery uses techniques similar to those used in liposuction or fat removal surgery, it is a quick and easy operation with a short recovery time. It is becoming increasingly popular among men, aware that such a simple procedure “will simply change their physical appearance”

The interventions are carried out under local anesthesia and with light sedation. Immediately after the surgery, a compressive and elastic band will be placed on the treated area to help control edema and swelling. The correction of Gynecomastia is usually not painful. In the first two days, there would be normal discomfort and mild pain which can be relieved by taking normal analgesics prescribed by the surgeon. The majority of patients who have undergone this operation do not feel pain even in the days following the surgery.

Right from the start, it will be possible to feel the change. You’ll notice a trimmer, more contoured chest profile immediately after your procedure, with improved results as post-surgical swelling subsides. Your final physique should be fully apparent within three to six months of surgery. Gynecomastia surgery produces permanent results, as long as you maintain stable body weight and avoid using steroids and other medicines or drugs that affect your testosterone levels.

The procedure is quick, scarring is minimal, and the results are permanent. Patients experience more confidence as a result of their more masculine chest appearance. Gynecomastia surgery can be a very useful and life-changing surgical procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon.

Advantages and benefits of undergoing Gynecomastia surgery:

-It will boost your self-assurance

-You will have a flat, firmer, and better-shaped chest

-You will have the option to wear fitted shirts

-You will go to the pool, to the sea, or the gym with more confidence and security

-You will feel more proportionate

Because of all these positive results and the relatively simple operation, it is worth having a gynecomastia surgery!

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