How Many Cup Sizes Can You Go Down Safely With a Reduction?

While some women desire to have large breasts, some of them are suffering from them. Large breasts can cause trouble for some women for several reasons. For some women, large breasts can cause shoulder, neck, and back pains, rashes beneath the breasts, and shortness of breath. Breast surgeries have developed at a level that the large breasts problems are no longer have to be an issue.

Breast Reduction Surgery is offering solutions to women with large or sagging breasts. With Breast Reduction Surgery, you can reduce the size of your breast both to get rid of your large breast problems and to have the breast size you desire. In this surgery, the answer to the “how many cup sizes you can go down” mostly depends on you. Breast Reduction is a very personal surgery. Your desires, your breast size, and your doctor’s advice determine the reduction size. However, most women choose to balance their breast size with their buttocks size to have a better proportion as a whole.

Generally, a Breast Reduction surgery can make you go one or two cups smaller, based on your choice and condition. You can have Breast Reduction at any age, but if your breasts are not fully developed, it may not be a good idea to have the surgery. Furthermore, if you are planning a pregnancy or losing weight, it may be better to do those things before having Breast Reduction Surgery. It is because, with pregnancy, your breast would get larger due to hormones, and with weight loss, you may get even smaller breasts after the reduction surgery.

Most of the time, Breast Reduction Surgeries are two-staged surgeries. The Breast Reduction is usually completed with a Breast Lifting operation to give the breasts around and fresh look and disappear from the previous sagging look. It is important to have realistic expectations before getting Breast Reduction Surgery. Moreover, although you’ll see results right away, keep in mind that the swelling will lessen, and the surgical scars will diminish with time. Thus you will see the exact results a bit later.

The combined operation of Breast Reduction and Breast Lifting must be done by an expert and at a qualified clinic. Here, in Turkey Clinic, we offer both. To learn more and to get a free consultation from our experienced doctors, contact us now.

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