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What instantly comes to your mind when you hear the name Angelina Jolie? Or, what are you curious about this American actress? “Are her lips real? Has she had any cosmetic surgeries? What’s her height? What do her tattoos mean? Does she really have cancer?” this list goes on and on… JNo matter which side you’re on, when I remove my aesthetic surgeon glasses and look at her as Bülent Cihantimur, the things I see are giving me a spectacular impression…

Who is this Angelina..?

40-year-old, Oscar-winning Jolie is the Voluntary Representative of the United Nations and she is making efforts to help Africa in particular and the world’s poorest countries. She uses her fame and organizes aid campaigns for refugees and 3rd world countries. While everybody is going to America to give birth, she gave birth in Namibia to draw the attention of all humanity. She earns huge amounts of money for her baby’s photographs and uses this money for charity. Besides, during the photographing of a giant media army, instead of talking about the products they use for their babies for advertising purposes, she mentions that in the world, each year over 2 million babies are dying as soon as they are born.

Today, Angelina Jolie is the mother of 6 children; 3 biological and 3 adopted. While the world is talking about whether her lips are fake or not and people are spending millions of dollars for aesthetic surgery to look like her, Angelina Jolie has distanced herself from worldly pleasures and she is living in another dimension.

Beauty is integral, you cannot provide integrity with a single detail…

I admit that these words are unlikely to be used by an aesthetic surgeon.  Yet, I always use these words to the patients coming to me with a photo of a celebrity they want to look like. We were created beautiful and unique. There is a mystery hidden in the details of each flaw. If my patient’s anatomic features are different from hers, I can’t operate her lips and nose to become like Angelina’s. Even if their anatomical features are similar, if we can make the same, it wouldn’t be so similar, because beauty is integral, you cannot provide integrity with a single detail.

As I always say, you should avoid radical changes in aesthetic surgery and risky operations as much as possible. Keep your body away from foreign substances. Silicone and artificial fillers are short-term solutions; we never know what will happen in the future and how we will age.

Protecting the Beautiful Side..

At this point “Protecting the Beautiful Side” is the most rational idea. You may stop aging at a proper point and get help from aesthetic surgery. Let yourself age slowly. The philosophy behind all techniques I have developed is the same. “Protecting beauty with small interventions, risk free operations, incision free, non-surgical applications and methods not using foreign substances”.

It doesn’t matter whether Angelina Jolie has a beautiful face, which was naturally given or shaped by an aesthetic surgeon. She has only one feature that makes her the perfect woman, which is her angelic, humane and maternal side… Strengthen your inner peace with your family and kids, help the humanity. Use aesthetic surgery to protect your beauty.

Take good care of your body and soul!


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