Jaw Surgery Cost in Brazil Rio de Janeiro São Paulo

Depending on the complexity of the surgery, the cost of jaw surgery in Brazil might range from $750-$2,500. If you only need surgery on one jaw, the total cost will be reduced, however, surgery on both upper and lower jaws would be more expensive. V-line surgery is a form of jaw reduction surgery that is used to shape and thin the lower jaw. It is sometimes referred to as jawline surgery. Jaw surgery can also be used to repair fractured jaws. In Brazil, the typical cost of jawline surgery ranges between $700 and $1200. Jaw surgeries are divided into six types. Jaw surgery is sometimes known as underbite surgery. All of the jaw surgery types and costs in Brazil are discussed below.

  • Upper jaw surgery. Maxillary osteotomy is another term for upper jaw surgery. It only involves surgery on the upper jaw (maxilla). Upper jaw surgery in Brazil costs between $260 and $3800.
  • Lower jaw surgery. Mandibular osteotomy is another term for lower jaw surgery. It simply involves surgery on the lower jaw (mandible). Lower jaw surgery in Brazil costs between $550 and $800.
  • Double jaw surgery. The upper and lower jaws are both operated on during double jaw surgery. In Brazil, the cost of double jaw surgery is roughly $40,000.
  • Genioplasty. Chin surgery or chin augmentation surgery are other terms for genioplasty. Genioplasty includes chin restructure as well as repair of excessively receding lower jaws. In Brazil, the cost of chin augmentation ranges between $1000-$1300.
  • Maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial surgery encompasses all types of jaw surgery. It entails correcting malformations in the neck, head, face, mouth, and jaws. The cost of maxillofacial surgery in Brazil begins at $2000.
  • Overbite jaw surgery. Jaw correction surgery includes overbite jaw surgery. When the mouth is closed, the top teeth fall significantly below the lower teeth. The cost of overbite surgery in Brazil ranges from $500 to $800, depending on the complexity of the treatment.
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