Jawline (Texas, Jaw Contour) Filler in Turkey , Jawline (Texas, Jaw Contour) Filler in Istanbul

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Jawline (Texas, Jaw Contour) Filler in Turkey , Jawline (Texas, Jaw Contour) Filler in Istanbul

Jawline (Texas, Jaw Contour) Filler

In recent years, a weaker face, more prominent lower jaw contour and prominent cheekbones have been gaining more and more popularity among women.

The clarification of the lower jaw area with thinner cheeks has become a new and popular aesthetic trend in the female face. The most important and distinctive part of this change is the filler applications on the jawline area.

Where exactly is jawline?

Jawline is the name given to the area that includes the lower jaw corner and extends from this area to the tip of the chin.

This line limits the face oval from the bottom and determines the lower border of the face. Especially this region is closely related to the neck region. The sharp line created between the neck and chin makes the face and neck look thinner.

Which areas should be filled to create a jawline?

Since the jawline starts from the lower jaw corner, this area must be shaped with filler. With the filler to be made here, the lower jaw corner is made more angular and distinct.

Another important point when doing jawline filler is the chin tip. 1-2 cc of filler to be applied to the tip of the chin makes this area more prominent and the face looks longer and thinner.

The areas between the chin tip and the jaw corners can be shaped with filler depending on demand and need.

Does the filler to be applied on the chin tip prevent the appearance of the jowl?

One of the most important parts of the jawline is the chin tip. The filler made in this area takes the chin forward.

If the lower jaw is further back than the upper jaw, the filler to be applied on the chin tip puts the lower jaw forward. The forward movement of the lower jaw leads to a reduction in the appearance of the jowl

How much filler is used on average during jawline application?

During the jawline application, an average of 5-8 cc filler is used. The amount of filler to be used here is determined by the needs and demands of the patient.

Is the same type of filler applied to each area in the jawline application?

In jawline application, the jaw tip filler must be made on the bone. For this reason, the filler to be applied on the tip of the jaw should have a volumizing feature on the bone. For the filler made in the chin corner, both subcutaneous and bone fillers can be preferred.

Can anyone have a jawline application?

In order to get a good result from jawline filler application, the face and neck of the patient must be suitable for shaping with fillers. Jawline application can be performed easily in a patient with ideal weight.

No matter how much fillers you use in patients who are much over their ideal weight, you may not be able to achieve the shape you want.

Can jawline filler application be applied with other treatment methods?

Since our aim in this process is to give the face a thin appearance and to make the chin contour clear, it can be combined with both the neck and face procedures. Especially, thinning of the cheek via bichectomy area and jawline application together give good results.

The cheek that becomes thinner with bichectomy makes both the cheekbones and the jaw line more prominent. For the patient who wants more clarity in the cheekbones, filler can be applied to obtain prominence in this area.

Vaser liposuction can be applied to the neck and jowl area of the patient who has fat in the neck area, and these areas can be thinned. Afterwards, the application of a thin neck jawline filler gives better results.

How long does a jawline application take?

The duration of this process depends on the amount of filler to be applied. Usually, it takes about 30-45 minutes.

How long is the permanence of a jawline application?

The duration of the fillers used in jawline application in our clinic is 1 year. After 1 year, the fillers are absorbed by the body.

Is there an age limit for the jawline application?

As with all our aesthetic applications, we do this application for our patients over 18 years old.


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