A Quick Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery in India – Benefits, Costs, Types

A normal and strong knee makes life easy; it helps us to walk better. But this beautiful gift from nature loses its functionality concerning age or due to uncertain accidents. In the worst cases, exercises or medicines are not enough to cure knee injury; people tend to pick knee surgeries as their best treatment. The medical sector around the world has come up with many good and effective treatments for knee injuries. India is also not lagging behind the race. One can have the best knee arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery in India at reasonable prices.

The knee replacement surgeries have evolved, they have become less complex or painful. The process and the cutting-edge equipment that the doctors use give the least amount of pain or discomfort. The chances of failure of such surgeries are quite less nowadays. People can get relief from chronic knee pains through the best knee replacement surgeries.

Advantages of knee replacement surgeries

People can have the following benefits after successful knee replacement surgery.

  1. They can have total relief from knee pain.
  2. Their mobility of the knee gets increased to a great extent.
  3. They can easily do their everyday task without any trouble.
  4. They can easily sit on the floor or stand for a long time.

Different Types of knee replacement surgeries

Medical science has excelled in bringing the best surgical treatment. Now people can be easily treated with the best surgeries which suit their knee condition. The following are the primary types of knee replacement surgeries that doctors use nowadays.

Partial knee replacement – In this type, the surgery is done based on the amount of knee damage. Only two or three compartments of the knee are operated on and cured.

Total knee replacement surgery- In this case, all three compartments of the human knee are treated and replaced by artificial compartments. The success rate of this surgery is comparatively higher and the complexity is lower.

People can go for the best treatment which suits their condition.

Cost of knee replacement surgery in India

The health care sector in India has grown tremendously. Many reputed hospitals are making buzz globally. Some hospitals are best known for the knee replacement surgeries that they provide. Medanta The Medicity, Fortis healthcare, Artemis hospitals, etc. are some of the best hospitals for knee-related surgeries.

These medical centers provide the best treatment at the most reasonable cost. The knee replacement cost in India is around 2,00,000 – 6,00,000 INR. The cost also varies with the type of hospitals and the treatment they provide to their patients. Apart from the actual surgery, there are many pre-surgery tests, post-surgery treatments that add to the total cost of the treatment.

So, people suffering from long term knee pain or knee damage can go for the best treatment at the best hospitals in India at a reasonable cost. Now is their time to put an end to their long-term knee issues.

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