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More prominent and plump lips have been seen as a symbol of beauty from the past to the present. Plump lips with prominent folds make women look more attractive.

For this reason, the demand for lip fillers is increasing. Although lip sizes and shapes vary from person to person, it is our priority as Clinicplast to make lip fillers that are pleasing to the eye at first glance and have natural clarity.

Does lip filler only aim to enlarge the lips?

At first glance, the main purpose of lip fillers seems to be to enlarge the lips, but a well-made lip filler turkey should offer more than an ordinary lip enlargement to the patient.

For a correct lip filler, the structures that make up the lip area should be well known and evaluated proportionally.

The areas that can be filled in the lip area are the vermillion line (the transition area between the red-pink lip tissue around the lips and the skin area), the lip mucous area (red-pink lip area), the cupids bow (between the lip and the nose, the area between two lines starting from the lip extending towards the nose) and the skin area between the lip and the nose.

How is lip contour done with lip filler?

Lip contour is created by applying lip filler to the transition area between the red-pink mucous line of the lip and the lip skin. Another contour area is the hollow area between the two lines between the lip and the nose, which we call cupids bow.

Making this hollow area more prominent gives the lips a younger appearance. For this purpose, filler the lines around this hollow area makes this cupids bow area look deeper.

How is lip fullness achieved?

Lip filler, mainly applied to the mucous (red-pink area) area of the lip, causes significant growth and plumpness on the lips. Lip fillers applied to the lip mucosa and lip contour provide the desired volume increase and proportional appearance on the lips.

Could there be a solution to lip asymmetries with lip filler?

A well-made lip filler helps to solve symmetry problems caused by the difference in volume on the lips.

If the asymmetry of the lips is due to trauma, muscle dysfunction or nerve damage such as facial paralysis, lip filler alone does not provide a solution to these asymmetries. Additional treatment options are definitely required in such asymmetries.

Can fillers be made for lines on the lip?

Streaks occur on the lips, especially due to aging or smoking. The clarity of the lines can be reduced by filler these fine lines. This filler method can be combined with to be applied to the lips, and the visibility of the lines can be further reduced.

How long is the permanence of lip fillers?

Although the permanence of lip fillers varies according to the type of filler, the ideal permanence period is 1 year. Permanent fillers are not recommended for the lips as for other body areas. Lip fillers are dissolved within 1 year by an enzymatic reaction.

Is lip filler a painful procedure?

The lips are more sensitive than other parts of the face, so it is very important to reduce pain when the procedure is applied. This increases the comfort of both the patient and the doctor performing the procedure.

For this purpose, we use cream with strong local anesthesia before lip filler. For my patients who prefer, we can provide full anesthesia on the lips by injecting local anesthesia to the nerve points in the cheek and lower lip area.

Is there a difference between the lower lip and the upper lip in terms of filler?

In the lower lip, unlike the upper lip, the lip volume stands out more than the lip contour. Normally, the lower lip should be slightly larger than the upper lip and a little ahead of the side profile.

The doctor’s aesthetic point of view and the patient’s taste should also be taken into consideration in ensuring the ratio between both lips and deciding on the size of the lips.

I want lip fillers but I’m afraid that my lips will get too big

This desire or this fear is present in most of our patients who want to have lip filler. Especially with the effect of local anesthesia, the filler adhering to the lips may seem more than it is, or our patients may feel this way.

As Clinicplast, we apply the method we call progressive lip filler in order to relieve our patients who are worried about lip size. In this method, patients can constantly check their lip sizes with a mirror during the procedure and we end the procedure at the point sufficient for them.

Afterwards, we give the patient a week, allowing the swelling to disappear, the effect of local anesthesia to disappear and the patient to get used to the lip appearance.

After all these effects have passed, most of our patients state that they want to add a little more filler. This way, our patients can both evaluate the result better and have the desired lip size more safely.

Is it better to have lip filler with a cannula or needle?

Here, the preference may vary depending on which one the doctor feels more comfortable with. In general, more pron


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