How to make blush last long on Cheeks?

No matter how much I love my Colorbar blushes, they just don’t last long enough on my cheeks. Rather than dumping them, I have rather found a trick to keep them with me for long long enough. ?

Here’s what I do to make blush last longer.

Dab on a few spots of your nude coloured lipstick going up your cheek from the center (below the iris of your eyes) up to your temples. Then, with your fingers, quickly blend the lipstick it outward until you have a sheer covering. Once you have a sheer coverage of lipstick on your cheeks, apply your favourite powder blush to top it off.

A few tips:
1. I was told by a dermatologist that the lipsticks that promise you a long lasting coverage could be harmful for your skin. I am not sure if that is true or not but I avoid using 9 to 5 type of lipsticks on my cheeks, atleast. I use the normal lipstick- Lakme Bridal Sutra 126 to the base coverage.
2. You could also use a pink lipstick for the apple of your cheeks and a brownish/ nudish toned lipstick for the hollow of your cheeks as base. I use a single colour and it works well for me.
3. The key is to blend, so blend well from your cheeks to the temple.
4. The lipstick application on cheeks should be done after you have done your base coverage- basic foundation, concealer and setting.

It has worked wonders for me. The trick can really make blush last long on your cheeks. I hope it works well for you too.

What do you so to make your blush last long? I would love to hear your tips and tricks . ?

Love and hugs,

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