Nasal Filler in Turkey , Nasal Filler in Istanbul

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Nasal Filler in Turkey , Nasal Filler in Istanbul

Nasal filler offers aesthetic solutions that do not require surgery for minimal problems in the nose. Nasal filler contains hyaluronic acid like other face fillers.

Which parts of the nose can be filled?

The nose is roughly composed of two parts as soft tissue and bone. One of the most common places for nasal fillers is the back of the nose, which forms the bony part of the nose.

Nasal filler can be applied in front of and behind the nasal arch to camouflage the nasal arch. As a result of camouflaging the nasal arch with filler, the back of the nose attains a flat archless appearance on the side profile.

The second area where nasal filler is applied most frequently is the tip of the nose. The tip of the nose is formed by the soft tissue part of the nose. The purpose of nasal filler on the tip of the nose is to show the low nasal tips higher.

For this purpose, the filler applied on the lower part of the nasal tip supports the nasal tip from the bottom and allows it to rise upwards. With the filler made at the top of the nose tip, the nose tip is again shown higher.

Could the nose look smaller with nasal filler?

The purpose of nasal filler is not to treat the minimal problems in the nose, but to camouflage it. For this purpose, volume is added to the nose with filler.

For this reason, nasal filler provides growth, not shrinkage, in the nose. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply too much filler on the nose. Surgery is the only method to reduce the size of the nose.

Can nasal filler be an alternative to nasal surgery?

As I mentioned above, nasal filler is a non-surgical alternative to solve minimal problems. If the patient does not have a serious deformity in the nose and the patient’s request can be solved with nasal filler, filler can be an alternative to surgery for these patients.

Nasal filler can also be used in the solution of minimal deformities or irregularities left after nasal surgery.

How long is the permanence of nasal filler?

As with other fillers, the nasal fillers we use as Clinicplast have a life of 1 year. At the end of a year, the filler material is absorbed by the body.

Is nasal filler a painful procedure?

As a basic principle, the area to be filled is not anesthetized with a local anesthetic injection. With this, it is aimed not to shadow the need for volume by injection.

Fortunately, nasal filler is not a painful procedure. In most patients, nasal filler can be easily performed by using a strong local anesthetic cream.

What is the satisfaction rate of patients with nasal fillers?

In general, patient satisfaction with nasal fillers is high in well-selected patients. The most important reason for this is to provide a visible aesthetic change in a short time without the need for surgery.

Who can have nasal filler done?

As Clinicplast, we make nasal fillers for patients over 18 years old who want minimal changes in their nose.

What should I pay attention to after nasal filler?

After nasal filler, there is no special situation that the patient should pay attention to or do something about. Due to the structure of the nose, swelling or redness is not observed much after the filler application. Patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the filler application.

Is nasal filler an obstacle to rhinoplasty?

Having nasal filler before is not an obstacle for nasal surgery. Most of the time, we can easily clean these fillers during nasal surgeries of patients who have had nasal fillers done.

The important point here is to tell your doctor that you have had nasal filler before, during the evaluation of the doctor before the nose surgery. It is important for this preoperative evaluation to be clearer, which is also significant for the doctor-patient confidence.

Nasal Filler Prices in Turkey

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