Nasolabial Filler Applications in Turkey , Nasolabial Filler Applications in Istanbul

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Nasolabial Filler Applications in Turkey , Nasolabial Filler Applications in Istanbul

Where exactly is the nasolabial area?

The nasolabial region is the name given to the line starting from the edge of the nose and extending to the edges of the lips. This area, which is not evident during childhood and youth ages, begins to deepen over time and become more prominent.

In fact, it is not the nasolabial area that is deepening here. The nasolabial area becomes deeper and more visible as a result of the lowering cheek area with the effect of aging and gravity. For this reason, it is more correct to evaluate the nasolabial area together with the cheek area and cheekbones.

This depth, especially at the edge of the nose, continues to extend towards the lips over time. This deepening and clarity cause a tired appearance on the face.

What are the features of the filler to be applied on the nasolabial area?

Nasolabial filler applications are performed starting from the deep areas of the nose. This region is the deepest part of the nasolabial line. The filler to be made under the skin on the edge of the nose fills it and gives a younger appearance.

If the lines are very deep in the line extending from the nose edge to the lips, filler under the skin can be done in a superficial plane just below the lines if the lines are superficial. Therefore, nasolabial filler should be suitable for both deep subcutaneous areas and under fine lines.

What is the permanence of nasolabial fillers?

It is not recommended to have permanent fillers in nasolabial fillers as in every part of the body. Fillers with a permanence of around one year are the most suitable ones for the human body.

For the nasolabial area, our preference is the fillers with a permanence of 1 year. During this one-year, enzymatic reactions in the human body dissolve the filler almost completely.

Why should the nasolabial area and cheek area be evaluated together?

As mentioned above, the cheek area moves downward with the effect of aging and gravity. This causes volume loss in both cheeks and deepening in the nasolabial area.

With the filler made on the cheekbones, both the volume loss in the cheeks is eliminated and the cheekbones are made more prominent and attractive, and the cheek area is taken upwards again and the depth of the nasolabial area is reduced.

This way, the amount of filler to be applied on the nasolabial area is reduced, and a more proportional appearance is achieved.

An excessive amount of filler in this area only to reduce the depth of the nasolabial area may cause the lower half of the face to grow excessively and a disproportionate appearance with the upper half of the face.

What are the options that can be applied on the nasolabial area other than filler?

Nasolabial filler basically aims to reduce the deepening lines by adding volume to that area. An alternative to this treatment is fat injection.

During fat injection, it is required to remove fat from other parts of the body and make it injectable by putting through certain stages.

It is recommended that the fat injection be performed preferably in operating room conditions or under optimal sterilization conditions. In the face fat injection, approximately 60% of the fat injected becomes permanent.

Therefore, at least two sessions of fat injection are required to achieve the desired permanent volume in fat injections.

As Clinicplast, we recommend fat injection to our patients who want a permanent solution. Nasolabial filler is the first option for our patients who have loss in lower volumes and want easier solutions.

Can I return to social life immediately after nasolabial filler application?

Nasolabial filler is a local application performed with the application of local anesthesia cream. Due to the nature of the region, filler applications made here do not cause swelling or bruising. Therefore, patients can easily return to their social lives.

Nasolabial Filler Applications Prices in Turkey

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