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Sculpted hips, shapely abs and toned thighs – most people want them, but not everyone can achieve them naturally. Strict diet and exercise regimes can only go so far in addressing stubborn layers of fat. That is where nonsurgical body contouring comes in.

Nonsurgical body contouring procedures help to slim and smooth your figure without liposuction and other surgical contouring. This means there is little to no recovery time, no need for general anesthesia and the treatments are often cheaper. But this doesn’t mean you should run out and schedule your VelaShape™ III or UltraShape® Power procedure just yet.

Looking at the benefits

Nonsurgical body contouring comes with many key benefits, including:

  • Results that develop steadily over time, making the change in your appearance feel natural to those around you
  • Short treatment sessions that typically take less than an hour, allowing to fit into even a busy schedule
  • Minimal recovery needed, allowing you to continue with work and other responsibilities
  • Limited invasiveness, which can be comforting to those who are stressed by the idea of surgery
  • Little to no pain experienced, though this varies based on the treatment chosen and your individual sensitivities

However, there are downsides to nonsurgical body contouring, the biggest of which is also one of the benefits – results take time to develop. While this offers more natural progress, sometimes, you just want the instant change that surgery offers. Additionally, the amount of fat removed is more limited than with liposuction. If these aspects matter to you, it might be better to look into nonsurgical body contouring vs liposuction.

Best candidates for nonsurgical body contouring

Not everyone is suited for nonsurgical contouring procedures. Some patients might benefit more from surgical procedures, while others have work to do before they can really benefit from any form of body contouring. There are a few key indicators that you are a good or best candidate for nonsurgical body contouring.

You are at or near your ideal weight

The best case for someone getting nonsurgical body contouring is to be at their ideal weight. This is because weight loss and weight gain could cause problems with maintaining the results of the procedure. However, as long as the individual is within 20 pounds of their goal weight, their results should be satisfactory.

Your skin is firm or slightly loose

Many people who seek out nonsurgical body contouring don’t have stubborn fat pockets so much as they have excess skin, which can produce a similar appearance. Not all nonsurgical body contouring options can tighten loose skin; however, some do. It is important that you work with your provider to select the right option based on your skin laxity. Just keep in mind that moderate to severe excess skin must be addressed surgically.

You are approaching the procedure with an open mind

Nonsurgical body contouring can be life-changing for many, but results are slow to develop and they are not as extreme as with surgery. Additionally, some people need more than one session to get the results they desire. If you are open to the possibilities and ready to work with your provider, you should come away from the experience feeling positive.

Getting the most out of nonsurgical contouring

If it ends up that nonsurgical body contouring is the right choice for you, you want to take steps to get the most out of your procedure. For most clients, there are four factors that have the most impact on their results.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle

Nonsurgical body contouring is meant to address trouble spots that aren’t responding to diet and exercise. This means you need to do your part before the procedure and keep up your healthy lifestyle afterward. Otherwise, you will lose the gains that your contouring procedure offers.

Waiting until they are done having children

Pregnancy has a major impact on your body, and it can potentially undo the results of nonsurgical body contouring procedures. While there is nothing wrong with getting a revision after pregnancy, opting to wait will ensure the best results from a single procedure.

Avoid UV rays

Because these procedures can help address skin concerns as well as excess fat, maintaining results means treating your skin properly. In addition to staying hydrated and moisturizing, it is essential that you protect your skin from UV rays.

Form Healthy Habits

Diet and exercise are important, but they are not the only habits that can impact your long-term results. Drinking, smoking and consuming other substances can negatively impact your metabolism, skin tone and more. Make healthy decisions overall to get the best results.

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