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Ironically, mascaras either come out too easily when we want them to stay or they stick to hard to our eyes when we want them to come off. Mascara, especially the waterproof one, can be extremely hard to get off without making your eyes sore. I have been using this mascara remover trick for over an year. Let me spill the beans to you guys now.

Take a drop or two of olive oil on a cotton ball and paper towel. Rub this cotton ball on your lashes in a downward direction. You would see every last speck of your mascara come out on the cotton ball. It works as magic.

I have tried all kinds of makeup removers . Some of them stung my eyes and some of them couldn’t take off the entire mascara.

You can remove your entire eye makeup with olive oil and it wouldn’t sting your eyes a bit.

Olive oil not only cleans my eye lashes/ eye lids but also nourishes them. My eyelashes have grown thicker and longer since I have started using this trick.

Sometimes I mix olive oil with rose water and clean  my lashes. The rose water takes away all the heaviness and tackiness of the olive oil. Swipe the olive oil solution on your eyes with a cotton ball and welcome clean eyelashes and eye lids. ?

Try it out ladies. It works and do give me your review on this. ?


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