Scarlet S Face Lifting in Turkey , Scarlet S Face Lifting in Istanbul

Scarlet S Face Lifting Cost in Turkey , Scarlet S Face Lifting Price in Istanbul

Scarlet S is the technological end point in the US on “Non Surgical Face Lifting”. In scarlet s device, radio frequency energy is given under the skin at certain depths by using micro needles.

Thanks to this energy, collagen production is triggered in the subcutaneous area and it is replaced by the decrease in the amount of collagen over time depending on age and environmental factors. In this way, the firmness and elasticity increase in the subcutaneous area and provide a face lift effect.

Scarlet S works in 4 stages.

STAGE 1: The patient’s skin is pulled withdrawn with the help of probe.

STAGE 2: Micro needles are provided to enter into the tissue.

STAGE 3: With the help of micro needles, the radio frequency energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue.

STAGE 4: Collagen production is triggered by transmitted energy.

Scarlet S Prices

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