Start Sleeping Naked Tonight

Tips for Sleeping Naked , How to Sleep Naked

The right temp. The benefits of sleeping naked are closely linked with keeping cool. Most people’s optimal sleep temperature is between 66 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Different people will have different comfort levels.

An uncomfortably cold room will also make it harder to sleep. Let your comfort levels determine your room temperature. Also, make sure your hands and feet are warm enough. Your body drops its core temperature for sleep by sending blood flow to those areas.

If you tend to have cold extremities but want to sleep naked, consider bathing or showering an hour or two before bedtime. This helps improve circulation and your overall temperature regulation.

Bedding matters, too. Invest in quality sheets and wash them often in warm water. This helps you ensure that sleeping naked remains a healthy practice.‌

Finally, it’s okay if you’re not ready to sleep completely nude. Sleeping in just a loose pair of underwear can be enough to get a lot of the same benefits. Everyone’s sleep needs are different, and that goes for clothing as well.

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