The Benefits Of Pureed Food

The Benefits & Uses Of Fruit Purees Food

Purees can certainly provide a wonderful, nutritious boost to everything from smoothies to baked goods to lasagna to chili and other foods. There’s also evidence that using them to enhance meals can increase vegetable intake in young children. Vegetable puree has many benefits, the most obvious being the nutrients and goodness found in pureed veg. There are other benefits to eating vegetable puree and here are the reasons as listed below:

  • Following gastric bypass surgery, one will need to undertake a soft food diet stage whilst the stomach is healing. Having plenty of pureed vegetables will not only allow you to get the nutrition you need, it will do so in a safe and
  • Child taste development – The complementary feeding period of a baby has great significance on this food choice in later life. It is suggested that mothers should introduce vegetables before fruits in order to enhance palatability and taste. The fruits are sweet in taste and are easy to adapt. Vegetables on the other hand are bland in taste, thus requiring some effort to make adaptable for your baby.
  • Enteral feeding – Some patients who are hospitalised or in critical care units need food to be provided through enteral or tube feeding depending on their medical and health condition. The food like cereals, protein, and vegetables can be provided to them by making a puree in a tube.
  • Soup for elderly – Sometimes older people may have issues  chewing food. As age increases, the chewing capacity decreases. Vegetable puree is a very appropriate option for elderly who struggle with solids as it is soft in texture, and pureed vegetables needs little effort to swallow in comparison to solid veg.
  • Therapeutic diets – Vegetable puree also has a significant role in therapeutic diets. In the mechanical soft diets food is offered in the pureed form so that persons who have a mechanical issue in chewing can still enjoy the goodness of vegetables. A bland vegetable puree diet can help patients who need to lower the spices and fat content they consume  to prevent worsening of conditions such as ulcers and GERD.
  • Provision of the nutrients – Most importantly vegetable puree is rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. It provides essential micronutrients to the person who is on the pureed blended food diet and we all know the wider the variety of vegetables we eat the better for our body.
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