Top Procedures to Complement Your Facelift Results

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Dealing with loose or sagging skin or wrinkles on your face & neck? Board-certified plastic surgeon in Turkey Dr. Dhaval Patel performs facelift surgery on patients seeking a rejuvenated appearance!
At CI Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey, we perform facial rejuvenation procedures by carefully lifting the skin to achieve a tighter & younger profile.
Overview: When it comes to treating facial aging, there are few procedures more popular than the facelift. A facelift can address the “3 Ds” of aging: descent, deflation, & deterioration.
It is done so by removing excess skin from the lower face, neck, and jawline, minimizing the jawline, smoothing out lower-face folds, and lifting deep tissues into more youthful, defined positions.
While facelift results can be transformational, these fixes are mostly limited to the lower face and neck. If you are concerned about other areas of the face, or concerns about fine lines and texture, combining your facelift surgery in Turkey with another procedure may help you enjoy the best results without prolonging your recovery time.
It is important to think about the bigger picture when it comes to facelifts. Signs of aging typically appear in a number of areas on your face, like your eyes, cheeks, jawline, etc.
If you wish to improve several areas at a time, you might wish to combine other facelift procedures with facelifts. But a common question we get from our patients is whether combining procedures is actually safe or not.
When Facial Procedures should be Combined?
The correct plan of care for your aesthetic goals depends on several considerations. At the beginning of your consultation, we will analyze your face to determine what areas require improvements.
If the majority of your concerns are located on the lower half of the face, then we might only recommend face lifting. But if you have other concerns–your skin on the neck is hanging down, the eyes seem smaller–you might benefit from a supplemental neck lift or eyelid surgery.
Benefits of Combining Procedures with Facelift
A Facelift addresses the lower part of your face — mostly your jowls and your sagging cheeks. The procedure does not improve eyebrows or areas around the mouth and eyes. Because all areas of the face tend to age in somewhat even ways, getting a facelift can bring the brow down, the skin on your neck flaky, or your uneven & discolored skin texture.
Choosing to get more procedures done in one surgery offers added benefits. It reduces recovery time and is more cost-effective, as some fees are charged just once.
The facelift surgery is a classic for a reason, but based on your specific aesthetic goals, the facelift can benefit from strategic procedure pairings. Here, the best plastic surgeon-Dr Dhaval Patel shares his go-to combos.
Here are the top 6 procedures that patients usually opt for.
Most Popular Procedures to Combine with your Facelift
One reason why it is so important to select a specialized facial plastic surgeon is so that you will have someone who has the experience to know what procedures will meet your particular needs, as well as the skills to deliver great results.
The personal consultations that I do with patients lay the groundwork to produce these types of results. The consultation involves a candid conversation about what patients expect, what is troubling about their looks.  
Patients who arrive at their facelift consultation, for instance, and say that they would like to make the area around their eyes appear more rested are not going to be satisfied without pairing eyelid surgery with their facelift.
A physical examination to assess a patients’ skin quality and elasticity is also a critical component to a consultation. People who have been damaged by sun exposure for years might be unimpressed if their skin maintains a raw texture following the procedure.
⦁ Blepharoplasty  
Also called eyelid surgery, which can be performed on either your upper or lower lids, or on both. Many patients that we see in Turkey that are seeking a facelift also have under eye puffiness or overhanging upper lids, which can give them that tired, older look.
This 52-year-old woman had lower eyelid surgery, as well as the face & neck lift which had resulted in tighter & more rejuvenated facial profile.
⦁ Brow Lift
Sagging eyebrows can make men and women look moody or tired. As an expert in face plastic surgery, we employ a variety of techniques depending on a patient’s particular needs. An eyebrow lift may even be combined with an eyelid operation called a browpexy, as needed.
Combining upper blepharoplasty surgery with lower eyelid surgery lifts the patient’s brow, improves a hooded look on upper lids, and minimizes bags under the eyes.
⦁ Neck Lift
Necks often display signs of age sooner than other areas of the face, which is why a neck lift surgery is typically incorporated into our “Reflection Lift” technique. The procedure usually involves the lifting of tissues and platysma muscles of the neck, creating a more defined chin and jawline. In some cases, neck liposuction may produce a more sculpted appearance by removing excess fat from the neck.
The drastic changes to this 56-year-old patient’s neck look is evident in these before-and-after photos from the Neck Lift.
⦁ Chin Augmentation  
While facelifts may enhance the skin’s appearance on your jawline, they do not alter bone structure. A receding jaw is a pretty common problem, and using custom-made synthetic implants to augment the jawline can drastically alter a patient’s appearance.
Chin augmentation helps in creating a nice and even more contoured profile when it is combined with facelift.
⦁ Laser Skin Resurfacing
A facelift concentrates on tissue and muscles beneath the skin, but does nothing about the skin’s appearance. CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing reduces dark spots, minimizes scarring, and stimulates collagen production for a refreshed appearance that looks natural when combined with facelift.
⦁ Fat Transfer  
Patients often consider cosmetic injectables, like BOTOX and dermal fillers, to be treatments that are done before they need to have surgery. But they can be highly effective at rejuvenating without surgery, diminishing shadows under your eyes, minimizing worry lines, crow’s feet & addressing other common concerns of aging.
We offer fat transfers as a natural alternative to fillers, creating more youthful looks below the eyes, cheeks, and in other areas where volume loss associated with age is prevalent.


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