Tummy Tuck Right After C-section-Is It Safe, What You Need to Know?

Can I Have a Tummy Tuck After My C-Section?

Are you pregnant and planning to go for tummy tuck, here’s something very important that you need to know.
A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the top 5 plastic surgical procedures in the US for women ages 30-39.
For pregnant mothers who are scheduled to have their baby via cesarean or C-section delivery might have concerns regarding how their abdomen will look after surgery. Also, we think that combining the cesarean with a tummy tuck surgery would be ideal. Instead of two different surgeries, you would only have one round of anesthesia, one procedure, and one recovery period. This combination of procedures is informally known as a “C-tuck” & it sounds fab, right?
Well, not exactly. Most doctors will tell you that combining both surgeries is not wise. But that doesn’t mean an abdominoplasty after you have had time to fully recover from a C-section delivery is out of the question.
After pregnancy, most of the women are bothered about their C-section scars and decide to get a tummy tuck as a part of their mommy makeover to remove scarring and stretched skin and regain their pre-pregnancy body. But how long do you have to wait and what you should expect?
Below, we have answered some of the top questions regarding getting a tummy tuck immediately after a C-section, including the best time to consider it.
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Since the goal of the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is to correct changes caused by pregnancy and birth, it might appear that the C-section and abdominal lift can be performed in one surgery. Sometimes called “c-sections,” this combination might seem ideal, only requiring one surgery rather than two, but Dr. Dhaval Patel, our Board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Turkey, recommends that you do not do it.
C-sections and tummy tucks come with risks, and combining the surgeries can increase the potential for complications, including bleeding, infections, and bad healing. In addition, Dr. Dhaval generally advises patients to wait at least six months after their births before considering tummy tucks (or longer if they are nursing).
Women need plenty of time to heal from their pregnancy and birth, as well as focus on bonding with a new baby. Dr. Dhaval says that time period also allows abdominal skin to tighten to its baseline, and for an individual to regain her pre-pregnancy weight. Getting the abdominal lift too early post-pregnancy may lead to disappointing results, as the body continues to change for months.
If you are considering getting a tummy tuck after your C-section, set up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate.

Is It Safe to Get a Tummy Tuck After Your C-Section?
Most women asking this question are familiar with a C-Tuck, the combo of having your baby via C-section and getting a tummy tuck right after surgery, made popular by celebrities several years ago.

Most cosmetic surgeons would advise against this combination for three major reasons:  

⦁ Surgical complications — All surgeries carry risks, and the combined operation increases the likelihood of those complications. The likelihood of infections, blood clots, and fluid retention are all increased risks with both abdominal and uterine surgeries.

⦁ Difficult Recovery — Recovering from the two surgeries at the same time could be difficult for your body & also the lifestyle as a new mom.
⦁ Unsatisfactory Results — Your abdominal skin will be stretched out throughout the nine months of pregnancy. This wrinkling makes it hard for the surgeon to determine exactly how much skin tightening should be done right after your delivery. If you have your abdominoplasty done in haste, you run the risk of not living up to your full potential.

What are the Benefits of Getting Tummy Tuck after a C-Section?  
Because of the incisions made in order to deliver a baby in a C-section, mothers are left with a large scar that runs either horizontally or vertically down the lower abdomen after giving birth. To deal with this scar, as well as other physical changes that occur following childbirth, many women choose to undergo tummy tuck surgery, also called an abdominoplasty.
However, the primary reason women have tummy tuck surgery after having their cesarean sections is to restore their sense of self-identity and confidence. Pregnancy takes its toll on a woman’s body and mind, and returning it to its previous (or improved) form can help it feel more like itself again.

Can I combine a Tummy tuck with a C-section?
Most doctors strongly recommend not combining your tummy tuck with a C-section, because in the weeks following delivery, the uterus is still going through drastic changes in size. Also, different types of anesthesia are typically used for C-sections than for tummy tucks (this is because the C-section procedure needs to take birthing safety into account, whereas the anesthesia for tummy tucks is solely for your comfort).
Finally, your plastic surgeon can suggest a more ideal tummy tuck plan once he can see how much your belly has “bounced” back (or not) since carrying your baby. All of this is to say, getting a tummy tuck after having your baby is totally safe – you just have to give yourself time.

What are my Tummy Tuck Options?  

Full Tummy Tuck–Most famous for post-C-section, new mums are choosing this option to flatten their entire bellies and get rid of any C-section scars. If you have extra skin and/or stretch marks above your belly button, this will probably be the best option for you. A full tummy tuck surgery perhaps combined with liposuction surgery.
Mini Tummy Tuck — Best suited for mothers already within the perfect pre-pregnancy weight range and those who are losing the weight from the pregnancy. This procedure is focused exclusively on the lower abdomen, and can be combined with liposuction surgery as well.

Who is a Viable Candidate for this Procedure?  
A tummy tuck is not a cure-all for being overweight. In fact, in order to be a viable candidate for the procedure, you will need to be in good physical shape and have stable weight, which is really also true of procedures such as liposuction surgery.
Your surgeon will also evaluate you to see whether you are doing it for yourself, or you are doing it for someone else and their idea of how their body should look. At the end of the day, it is a serious surgery, and no one should feel pressured into changing how they look for anyone else, regardless of who that person is.
Your surgeon will make sure that you are in the right mindset to do it, that you understand what the procedure involves, and are clear about the reasons why you are getting such cosmetic surgery. You will also want to have realistic expectations about your Tummy Tuck surgery and do not expect to end up with an unattainable physique afterwards.
How Long Do I Have to Wait?
Since the C-section is such an intensive, invasive procedure, the time it takes for you to naturally heal will naturally be significantly longer than with smaller, more “keyhole” surgeries. Not only that, your body also needs to heal from the pregnancy, and with those combined recovery times, you are looking at a waiting period of 6-12 months before you can safely get the tummy tuck procedure. This period allows your abdominal skin time to pull back somewhat after being stretched out while pregnant.

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