Under-Eye Filler in Turkey , Under-Eye Filler in Istanbul

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Under-Eye Filler in Turkey , Under-Eye Filler in Istanbul

Some changes are observed in the under-eye area over time. The most prominent of these changes is the formation of under-eye bags due to time and fatigue and the deep scars formed just under these bags.

Under-eye fillers prevent the tired appearance by camouflaging deep lines and pits that have emerged under the eye.

What are the differences of under-eye fillers from other fillers?

All fillers applied to the face contain hyaluronic acid and are absorbed by the body in a certain time. An ideal filler is expected to be melted smoothly by the body, and the filler life will be maximum one year.

Depending on the area to be applied, the molecular size of the hyaluronic acid in the filler varies.

Because the under-eye skin is thinner than other parts of the face, the molecular size of the under-eye filler should be smaller than the fillers to be applied to other parts of the face. This way, a smooth appearance can be achieved under the eye.

How is under-eye filler applied?

The vascular density under the eyes is quite high. Therefore, more care should be taken when applying under-eye fillers. In our clinical practice, we prefer to perform the filler under the eyes with a cannula with a rounded tip.

This way, we do not damage the fine vessels under the eyes, and thanks to the cannula, we can ensure that the filler is spread homogeneously under the eye without the need for excessive injections.

Before filler application, we anesthetize the area where the cannula will be inserted with high local anesthesia creams and try to make our patient feel minimum pain during the application.

How much under-eye filler should be applied?

The amount of filler to be applied under the eye varies from patient to patient. 1 cc of filler is sufficient for most of our patients.

It is not correct to fill the areas of under-eye bags with high volume fillers in patients whose under-eye bags are very prominent and require a high amount of filler. Lower eyelid surgery stands out as a more accurate treatment method for such patients.

How long is the permanence of the under-eye filler?

The permanence of under-eye filler is one year on average. At the end of a year, it is expected that almost all the filler applied under the eyes has been absorbed by the body.

What should be considered after under-eye filler?

Since the filler application is done with a cannula, it is not expected that there will be too much swelling or bruising under the eyes.

At the end of the applications with cannula, the filler material is spread under the eyes homogeneously. Our patients are recommended to gently massage the under-eye within the first day after filler. This way, the under-eye will have a smoother appearance.

Can I get back to work immediately after the filler?

Since under-eye filler is applied under local anesthesia and with a cannula, our patients can return to work without swelling or bruising on their faces after the application.

What is the best under-eye filler brand?

Today, there are two brands of fillers that can be applied under the eyes. These are Juvederm Volbella and Teoxane Redensity 2. The duration of both fillers is 1 year.

What is under-eye light filler?

The under-eye light filler is the widely known name of Teoxane Redensity 2 in patients. The reason why it is called light filler is that it gives a shine for about 2-3 weeks thanks to the metal ions in it.

Under-eye Filler Prices in Turkey

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