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The Revlite uses the industry-standard Q-Switched laser method, which has been used and trusted for over a decade. RevLite SI is an advanced tattoo treatment that can precisely target tattoos and shatter ink particles with minimal risk of scarring or pigment changes.
Picosecond lasers like Picosure deliver pulses in an extremely short time frame creating smaller ink particles that are easier for the body to absorb. A shorter time frame means that less heat is being generated by the laser and transferred to the skin. As a result, there is less of a chance of burning or discoloration due to the treatment. Cynosure’s PicoSure technology has been clinically proven to treat darker, multi-colored, and complex tattoos effectively and efficiently, within significantly less time than traditional laser treatments.
PicoSure can remove blue, green, purple, red, and black tattoo ink. It is required an average of about 8 to 10 treatments to fully remove a tattoo and it is also less painful than standard lasers.
The Revlite laser is less powerful than Pico technology which could limit the risk of hyperpigmentation with shaded ink. An average of 12 to 14 treatments is required to fully remove a tattoo and an average of 2 treatments for shaded black inks.
On the other hand, the PicoSure is the fastest laser in the world, delivering energy in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second), making it one hundred times faster than all the current technology which delivers energy only in nanoseconds. The best laser for tattoo removal is a picosecond laser because Picosecond lasers remove tattoos more quickly and effectively.
The RevLite laser tattoo removal system is used when there is resistant colored ink after 4-6 PicoSure treatments. Although it is uncommon for there to be any ink particles remaining, it is in this scenario that RevLite will be used. It usually takes 4-6 PicoSure treatments, and an additional 3-4 RevLite color resistant treatments to achieve this.


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