Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Since the nose is one of the most important organs in our body -because it occupies the most central part of our face- any problem with the nose affects your health in many ways. The goal of Rhinoplasty is to have greater harmony and a nose that is more proportionate to the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty can correct defects in the shape of the nose (such as a very protruding hump) and its effects are permanent.

The reasons that push a patient to resort to Rhinoplasty may not only be aesthetic but also in the functional structure of the nose. A crooked nasal septum can be the cause of many disorders, including pathological ones that affect the respiratory system. Therefore, in some cases, the choice of surgical route is not just a desire for beauty but also would benefit you in your overall health.

The operation performed in this case is called rhinoseptoplasty. As you can also guess from the name, this is a particular rhinoplasty that also includes straightening surgery on the nasal septum. People with these conditions can benefit from Rhinoplasty:

  • Suffering from chronic respiratory problems resulting from the obstructions that are created due to the deviations of the nasal septum
  • Who experience frequent and abnormal episodes of nosebleeds
  • Who have significant sleeping difficulties due to breathing difficulties
  • Who suffer from dry mouth due to not being able to breathe enough
  • Who suffer from snoring
  • Who are unable to taste or smell food properly

As it is easy to observe, Rhinoplasty combined with septoplasty can improve the patient’s quality of life with numerous benefits that can be appreciated in everyday life.

Your local pharmacy may be stocked with a variety of products that can improve your breath, from nasal strips to moisturizers to saline nasal sprays. We all want to find an easier way to improve our oxygen flow. For many patients, Rhinoplasty can achieve this simply by changing their airways. Correcting a deviated septum and dilating the nostrils are just some of the steps a surgeon can take to make breathing easier.

Of course, better breathing can have a positive chain effect on health, even leading to a better night’s sleep. Rhinoplasty can improve both breathing and sleep patterns by surgically removing the problem. The health benefits of rhinoplasty also go beyond the physical benefits and can also help improve an individual’s mental health. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, Rhinoplasty can change your appearance and accordingly increase your self-esteem.

To determine if Rhinoplasty will help you breathe and sleep easier, consult our plastic surgeons for a complete overview of your health issues and the right solution. Make an appointment with our highly qualified plastic surgeons experienced with rhinoplasty surgeries and different types of patients.

Plastic and aesthetic operations can be offered so cheaply in Turkey because Turkey’s general wage costs are lower than in Europe. Therefore, professional services from experienced plastic surgeons come at a lower price. In addition, Turkey is a reliable country for Plastic Surgery, for example, in cosmetic surgery clinics, patients are examined before surgery and drug therapy is administered to prevent complications.
With the highest number of JCI-accredited health facilities, medical tourists to Turkey are assured of high quality infrastructure and services by these hospitals and their medical staff. Plastic Surgery in Turkey istanbul
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